Roku aims to raise 252 million with IPO

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Video streaming pioneer Roku hopes to raise just over $252 million in an initial public offering as it tries to expand into more households.The Los Gatos, California, company on Monday said it would offer about 18 million shares of stock at $14 apiece.The company had 15.1 million active accounts as of June 30 and claims that its users streamed more than 6.7 billion hours over the six-month period ending June 30.Roku is still unprofitable and has amassed $244 million in losses since it was founded in 2002. The company generates most of its revenue from selling its streaming players, but it’s increasingly bringing in money from advertising and commissions from subscriptions and other transactions made on its devices.Roku’s growth strategy also includes boosting its content offerings.Increasingly, Roku is competing with Amazon, Google and Apple as streaming video becomes a more popular option among people looking to cut the cord and move away from traditional cable service. Roku has emerged as the U.S. market leader in streaming players, with a 37 per cent share during the first three months of this year, according to the market research firm Park Associates. Amazon Fire TV ranked second with a 24 per cent market share, followed by Google’s Chromecast at 18 per cent and Apple TV at 15 per cent.Most of Roku is currently owned by Anthony Wood, its founder and CEO, and Menlo Ventures, a venture capital firm. Wood, who previously invented one of the first digital video recorders, owns a 28 per cent stake in Roku and Menlo Ventures has a 35 per cent stake.last_img read more


Lankas LGBT community cautiously optimistic

“Strangely, no government has yet shut Pride down,” Flamer-Caldera says. “This, I believe, is because we have a strategy to include foreign diplomats and heterosexual allies in all our events, thus making it difficult for the government to shut us down or cause disruption.”Still, it’s not easy to work on these issues in Sri Lanka, says Jude Fernando, executive director of Heart to Heart, a community organization that supports men who have sex with men, as well as trans women.The main problem, he believes, is that people are afraid to come out because of the Sri Lankan Penal Code, as well as societal reactions. “I was young. I would never say that now,” says the woman, who asked Daily Xtra for confidentiality to avoid the possible repercussions of coming out publicly. And yet, this is a country whose capital, Colombo, has hosted Pride celebrations for the last 10 years, albeit without a parade.Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, executive director of Equal Ground, the non-profit working toward LGBT rights that also organizes Pride, says organizers skip the parade to keep people safe.Instead, she says, “we hold different events such as fashion drag shows, dramas, workshops, art and photo exhibitions, film festivals, parties and rainbow kite festivals on the beach.” In the small island nation of Sri Lanka, life for LGBT people can be a struggle. Like many other South Asian societies, Sri Lanka is very religious and socially conservative. While there are organizations working to further gay rights here, such as Equal Ground and Heart to Heart, those in the community still regularly experience discrimination, ostracism and even violence. Sri Lanka’s LGBT community is cautiously optimistic of having their rights protected under the new Government, Daily Xtra reported.“I’m sorry I’m a lesbian,” a Sri Lankan woman says she told her mother, after her sister outed her. Over the years, Pride in Colombo has grown from a handful of people to up to 2,000 people attending annually. “If anything happens, the Penal Code is there,” Fernando says.Though no one has been convicted under sections 365 or 365a since Sri Lankan independence in 1948, the law still stands as a threat and is used by both state and non-state actors to harass the LGBT community.Community organizations that distribute condoms have allegedly had their staff harassed by police for promoting homosexuality. Heart to Heart now has an advocacy program with police, educating them about the prevention of HIV/AIDS.Equal Ground has been under state security surveillance, Flamer-Caldera says.“Central Intelligence Services, the Criminal Investigation Department actually, raided some of our partner organizations in rural areas. We’ve had our phones tapped and were followed . . . files were taken,” she alleges.Police are also accused of using an old British vagrancy ordinance to prohibit loitering on the street, at an officer’s discretion. Some officers, it’s alleged, are more likely to object to masculine-looking lesbians and trans women found “loitering” in public spaces.The degree of harassment may differ from urban to rural areas.Kiru, who asked Daily Xtra to publish only her first name to protect her safety, says she can live relatively openly in Colombo, but back in her home village near Jaffna, she says she would be killed if she were open about her sexuality.But Flamer-Caldera says Equal Ground has found success hosting workshops and even occasional Pride celebrations in rural parts of the country. She says they explain LGBT issues in terms of human rights, something rural communities may better relate to than Colombo urbanites.Wherever they live, some LGBT Sri Lankans worry that coming out could cost them their jobs.“It’s really bad when it comes to work, with family, amongst friends, everywhere. It’s really difficult,” says one woman who asked Daily Xtra not to publish even her first name. Well known in her field of work, the woman worries that if it were publicly known that she preferred women to men, she would be out of a job.But things are slowly changing for the better, many LGBT Sri Lankans believe.Like other communities in Sri Lanka, the LGBT community isn’t sure what to expect from the new government that came to power in January 2015 and won a subsequent election in August 2015.“During the old government, we had a lot of issues,” Flamer-Caldera says. “But the minute the new government has come on board, it has been as though this huge weight has been lifted off of all of our shoulders. I think every single citizen feels that. But for how long?”Others share her cautious optimism, though they remain wary.One gay man living in Colombo sees gaining acceptance within Sri Lankan society as the real key to making progress for the LGBT community there.“More than asking for rights for the LGBT community, we need social acceptance,” says Roshan, who asked Daily Xtra to publish only his first name.The community has to get stronger and more unified, Roshan says. “Everyone should come together and work together and then maybe we will have acceptance.” (Colombo Gazette) A remnant of British colonialism, sections 365 and 365a of the Sri Lankan Penal Code criminalize homosexual acts using the terms “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” (365) and “gross indecency” (365a). It’s a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.Initially interpreted as only prohibiting sexual acts between men, the sections were broadened in 1995 in an ironic attempt to be more inclusive and gender-neutral by criminalizing homosexual acts for both men and women. read more


Ominous and overlooked Backbay flooding plagues millions

Ominous and overlooked: Back-bay flooding plagues millions In this Feb. 16, 2017 photo Marty Mozzo poses in his backyard in Ocean City N.J. on the edge of a back bay wetlands. When he and his wife were considering buying the house, they looked at a small trickle of water in the distance and wondered if the property would flood, deciding the water was too far away to pose a danger. Within weeks, their house was surrounded by floodwaters. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry) OCEAN CITY, N.J. – Marty Mozzo gets a gorgeous show each night when the sun sets over wetlands near his property on the bay side of a barrier island.When he and his wife bought the house in 2008, she looked at the marsh, where the only sign of water was a tiny trickle nearly a half mile away.“Do you think this will flood?” she asked.“How could it?” he replied. “Look how far away the water is.”Within weeks of moving in, a storm stranded them for two days with water on all sides. Theirs is one of several neighbourhoods in Ocean City, New Jersey, where residents have adopted unofficial flood etiquette: Don’t drive too fast through flooded streets or you’ll create wakes that slam into houses, scatter garbage cans, and damage lawns and gardens.They are among millions of people worldwide whose lives and land are being dampened by back-bay flooding — inundation of waterfront areas behind barrier islands where wind and tides can create flooding during storms or even on sunny days. It’s a type of flooding that tends to be overshadowed by oceanfront storm damage that grabs headlines — and government spending — with dramatic video of crashing waves and splintered houses.“This insidious flooding is increasing, and it is an important social issue, but it is not getting enough attention paid to it,” said S. Jeffress Williams, a coastal scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey. “Flooding is happening with increasing frequency in back bay areas. It happens very rapidly; it’s just not as dramatic.”Williams, who lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, said back-bay flooding is happening just as frequently, if not more so, than oceanfront flooding.“Over the last 15 or 20 years I have seen, especially when you get a full moon and a high tide,” he said, “roads, backyards and parks all get flooded, much more so than we ever had before.”Nearly five years after Superstorm Sandy delivered a wake-up call, the problem of back-bay flooding is coming into sharper focus. Studies are underway, money is starting to flow toward the problem, and the realization that destruction of wetlands for development along such shores is partly to blame is leading to discussion about building codes.Sandy created a vast swath of destruction along the coasts of New Jersey and New York in 2012. But it also wreaked havoc along the back bays, where miles of lagoons exposed thousands of waterfront homes to flooding damage.Property owners in Toms River, New Jersey, received more than $568 million in payments from the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Sandy. Neighboring Brick Township received more than $267 million. Both towns have limited oceanfront exposure but extensive back bay exposure, and they represented the largest damage totals in Ocean County, the region of New Jersey that took the hardest hit from Sandy.President Donald Trump’s budget proposal, released last week, would cut a combined $452 million from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and the Homeland Security department for research grants, flood mapping and analysis. If enacted by Congress, many environmental groups worry, less money will be available to study back-bay flooding.Jeff Gebert, chief of coastal planning for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia division, acknowledged that before Sandy, back bay flooding was not as high on the agency’s radar, due in part to the lack of easy engineering solutions.As of January, the Army Corps map of recent storm protection and navigation projects in New Jersey showed 10 either completed or underway, with six more planned. But none were done in back bays.The picture is largely the same nationwide, he said, “because the solution to back bay flooding is much more complicated” than simply pumping sand onto oceanfront beaches.A 2010 study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that more than 123 million people — or about 39 per cent of the U.S. population — lived in coastal zone counties, a number projected to grow by 8 per cent by 2020. The greater proportion of those people live on or near the bay sides of barrier islands, scientists say, than on the oceanfront.Unlike oceanfront flooding, in which crashing waves from storm-driven seas pound the beaches, back bays flood gradually and comparatively quietly as water levels rise. The effect is worsened during storms that continue through numerous tide cycles in which water piles up in the back bays without being able to drain out to sea.Tides and wind can inundate some of these areas even when the sun shines.“The water sneaks up the backside of barrier islands and the flooding you get is sometimes actually greater than on the ocean sides due to the topography of the islands,” said Guy Nordenson, a structural engineer specializing in climate change adaptation whose firm has worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on flood prevention projects. “That is the case all the way up and down the East Coast to Miami Beach.”New Jersey has funded some smaller resiliency projects in areas including back bays, but none was designed specifically for flood control. It hopes the study underway will identify a range of possible solutions.Sandy, Gebert said, “woke people up. It galvanized attention on the vulnerability of back bay areas.”The Army Corps and state officials began a three-year study of back bay flooding in December in New Jersey that seeks cost-effective solutions that can be replicated elsewhere. Similar studies are underway or were recently completed in New York, Virginia, Texas, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Washington, D.C.Many traditional engineering solutions that are used along the oceanfront are of limited benefit against back-bay flooding. Houses are being elevated and roadways repaved to make them higher. But the bulkheads, sea walls and sand dunes used along the ocean can’t be replicated in many back-bay areas because of limited space and resistance from homeowners who prize waterfront views.“There’s just not as much you can do,” said the Geological Survey’s Williams. “We used to have broad wetlands that could absorb this water, but we’ve built right up to the edge of the water in many places. Now you’re faced with armouring the waterfront or relocating, and relocating is popular with no one.”Any new homes need to be built in these areas with sea level rise in mind, said Princeton geosciences professor Michael Oppenheimer.“They need to design buildings that are essentially floodable, where it’s OK that the first floor gets flooded every now and again,” he said. “These places do get wet on a regular basis.”Globally, sea levels have been rising over the past century, NOAA says, and the rate has increased in recent decades. In New Jersey, seas have risen by 1.3 feet (0.4 metres) over the past 100 years, said Benjamin Horton, a Rutgers University professor and leading expert on climate change and sea level rise. That is a faster pace than for the past 2,000 years combined, he said.Horton and other Rutgers researchers project that by 2050, seas off New Jersey will rise by an additional 1.4 feet (0.4 metres).Jim and Maryann O’Neill moved from Philadelphia to a section of Stafford Township, New Jersey, in 1994 for a quiet existence near the water. But they’re now much nearer to it than they bargained for.In January 2016, a coastal storm inundated the O’Neills’ neighbourhood; a March 2017 storm submerged the roads and deposited fish on the pavement in front of their house. And that was two years after the town raised the road by their house by 8 inches.They’ve had to build a boardwalk from their back stairs to the edge of their property because the yard has been underwater or muddy — “like quicksand,” said Jim O’Neill — virtually every day for the past five years.Maryann, 75, recently learned how to use an app that notifies her when the tides are rising. The O’Neills routinely have to move their car to the highest spot around — the bridge leading to their neighbourhood. They have already rusted through three pickup trucks and three cars in the past 13 years.In Ocean City, officials will spend $40.3 million over the next five years on drainage improvements and road work that includes elevating roadways, new pipes and pumping stations. Such work in his neighbourhood has cut down on flooding, Mozzo acknowledged.“We put $20 million into back bay dredging for five years,” Mayor Jay Gillian said. “When you talk about $20 million in one seaside resort for just one thing, that speaks volumes about how much these coastal places need.”___Follow Wayne Parry at by Wayne Parry, The Associated Press Posted May 29, 2017 10:31 pm MDT Last Updated May 30, 2017 at 3:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more


Debt ceiling issue tops summer budget agenda for Congress

by Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press Posted Jun 4, 2017 6:59 am MDT Last Updated Jun 5, 2017 at 3:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Debt ceiling issue tops summer budget agenda for Congress WASHINGTON – Even members of his own party were quick to declare President Donald Trump’s budget plan dead on arrival in Congress last month. And in fact, lawmakers are facing a burst of overdue budget-related work this summer.Most of what’s on the budget agenda probably won’t bear much resemblance to Trump’s spending plan, which promised deep spending cuts on domestic programs, rapid economic growth, and a balanced federal ledger in a decade.Instead, they’re confronting an increase in the government’s borrowing cap, serious problems in advancing annual spending bills, and a smaller set of curbs on domestic benefit programsA look at what’s ahead:___DEBT DILEMMAAtop the absolute must-do list is raising the borrowing cap, or debt limit. Doing so would avert a disastrous, first-ever default on U.S. obligations.Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says Congress should vote to raise the debt limit before leaving Washington for its traditional August recess. Lawmakers once thought they had until the fall to act.It would be the first increase of Trump’s presidency, and responsibility for passing it falls chiefly upon the Republicans who control Congress.Some conservatives, including White House budget director Mick Mulvaney and the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, want difficult spending cuts paired with the higher cap. If those efforts fail, it’s commonly assumed that GOP leaders would have to enlist support from Democrats to pass the legislation.Republicans secured sweeping spending cuts as the price for a 2011 debt deal with President Barack Obama. But Obama prevailed in demands for a “clean” debt increase in later rounds, most recently in late 2015. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats say they won’t go along with a debt bill if Republicans press ahead with deficit-financed tax cuts for the wealthy.Mnuchin is using a set of accounting manoeuvrs to keep the government solvent for now.___SPENDING DEADLOCKCongress is way behind on the 12 annual spending bills covering the Pentagon and other federal agencies for the upcoming 2018 budget year. Work on those measures, totalling more than $1.1 trillion, was supposed to begin last month, but Republicans have yet to even unite behind a plan of attack — much less execute it.GOP leaders and the White House must sort through the demands of numerous competing factions, including defence hawks, defenders of domestic spending, and tea party lawmakers. At the same time, they must deal with Democrats, who retain great leverage because their support is needed to advance the legislation.Trump and his allies generally agree on a big increase for the military, but disagree on corresponding cuts to domestic programs and foreign aid. Democrats are opposed to Trump’s cuts — such as those aimed at the Environmental Protection Agency, foreign aid, grants for first responders, economic development and others — and are pressing for domestic increases. A major battle again looms over money for Trump’s oft-promised wall along the Mexican border. A government shutdown can’t be ruled out when the current budget year end Sept. 30.One option: GOP and Democratic leaders forge the outlines of an overall agreement, then advance the 12 appropriations bills in a bipartisan fashion. It’s a challenging compromise to pull off and would disappoint key factions.So far the result has been drift. Some insiders predict the only solution is yet another bill that covers the entire government in one shot, but it might not pass until late this year and that may put some agencies on autopilot.___BUDGET/TAX IMBROGLIOAfter health care, the next priority for Republicans is overhauling the tax system. But to do that — at least without turning to Democrats for help — would first require the GOP to pass a blueprint known as a budget resolution. Congress cannot wrap up action on the 2018 plan, however, until efforts to repeal the Obama-era health law are complete.That resolution would allow for follow-up legislation on taxes and spending, including a recommended cap on annual appropriations bills.Republicans are eyeing this course as a way to ease passage of a tax overhaul and cuts to benefit programs such as federal employee pensions and food stamps.But the path ahead is tricky.Some defence stalwarts are demanding Pentagon increases greater than Trump’s, and the White House is pushing lower spending for domestic agency operations.There are accounting tricks used in Trump’s budget, but Republicans cannot resort to using them. That could lead to nonbinding but politically symbolic proposals to cut Medicare, a program Trump says he won’t touch. read more


Terry Jones makes his first public appearance since dementia diagnosis as he

first_imgMonty Python actor and director Terry Jones has made his first public appearance since revealing that he has been diagnosed with a form of dementia. His son broke down in tears as he helped his father accept a Bafta Cymru award for contribution to film and television.Welsh-born Jones, 74, picked up the award after almost 50 years of work, both with the Monty Python team and as a director and documentary presenter. He is also a renowned author of children’s books. Among other Welsh artists to win awards for their work either behind or in front of cameras was Oscar-nominated make-up artist Sian Grigg.The 47-year-old, who worked on the sets of Saving Private Ryan and Titanic, was given a special message by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio via a video link.After working on films together for over 20 years, including The Revenant last year, he said: “It has been an incredible experience working with you.”I cannot think of anyone in the world who is more deserving of this award. You are truly inspirational and I hope to work with you for another 20 years.”Congratulations, and I miss you.” His son, Bill, held his father’s hand as the audience greeted the pair to the Cardiff stage with a standing ovation on Sunday evening.Jones, who suffers from primary progressive aphasia – a form of dementia which affects his ability to communicate – joked to the crowd to “quiet down” before his son took over to make a short speech.Tears came to his son’s eyes as he said: “We would like to thank everyone. I know it’s a great honour for dad to win this award.”The struggles we’ve been going through … We are so proud of him.” Bill Jones spoke about his pride for his fatherCredit:Jonathan Hordle /Bafta / REX / Shutter​stock Bill Jones and Terry Jones  He was given the prize for his contribution to film and televisionCredit:Jonathan Hordle/Bafta / Rex / Shutterstock Presenting the award on the 25th anniversary of the event was Jones’s Monty Python co-star Michael Palin.Before welcoming his friend to the stage with an affectionate embrace, he described the pair’s experiences working and studying together at Oxford.He said: “Life seemed more exciting when Terry was around.”The first sketch we performed was as a pair of police officers at the Edinburgh festival and for the next few years we were inseparable.”His force of character and tireless workaholism kept us all up to the mark. He has been relentlessly prolific while being a wonderful friend.”The event’s host Huw Stephens described Jones as a “national treasure”. Terry Jones with his son Bill (left) and Michael Palin (right) Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Terry Jones with his son Bill (left) and Michael Palin (right)Credit:Polly Thomas /Bafta / REX / Shutter​stock Terry Jones at the Baftaslast_img read more


Philippines church bomb attack kills 20

Two bombs at a Roman Catholic cathedral in southern Philippines have killed 20 people and injured dozens more, local officials say.The first blast happened as Sunday Mass was being celebrated at the church on Jolo island, where Islamist militants are active. As soldiers responded, a second device was detonated in the car park.The bomb attack devastated the church in Jolo (AFP/GETTY IMAGESThe attack comes days after a majority-Muslim area in the region voted for greater autonomy in a referendum.No group has so far said it was behind the attack. Jolo has long been a base for militants including those of the Abu Sayyaf group.The local officials say the first blast happened at 08:45 local time (00:45 GMT) inside the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which has been hit by bombs in the past.The second explosion was shortly afterwards on the doorstep of the church. Local police initially put the death toll at 27 but later lowered it to 20, saying there was double counting in earlier official reports.The army has been deployed to the area after the bomb blasts (EPA)Most of the victims are civilians. Some of the wounded were evacuated by air to the nearby city of Zamboanga.Calling the attack a “dastardly act”, Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana urged the local population to work with the authorities to “deny terrorism any victory”.“We will use the full force of the law to bring to justice the perpetrators behind this incident.” (BBC) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSchool hit in Somali ExplosionSeptember 2, 2018In “latest news”Thailand rocked by eleven bombs in one dayAugust 12, 2016In “World”Sri Lanka attacks: Mass funerals held as nation mournsApril 23, 2019In “Crime” read more


Sony admits another 93000 PSNSOE accounts just got hacked

first_imgEarlier this year Sony suffered major embarrassment and the wrath of its customers when the PlayStation Network got hacked. 77 million accounts were stolen, and Sony was forced to take its servers offline, do a system reset, and get everyone to select new passwords.Eventually PSN came back online with Sony’s promise of new security to ensure such a major breach never happened again. Late yesterday, posting on the PlayStation.Blog, Sony Group’s chief information security officer Philip Reitinger admitted a further 93,000 PSN, Sony Entertainment Network, or Sony Online Entertainment accounts have just been breached. However, this time there seems to be a lot less damage.Sony is still investigating what happened, but believes the sign-in ID and password combinations came from another company who keep lists of such data. That raises the question: why do other companies have these lists?After identifying the 93,000 breached accounts Sony has locked them and is now contacting the owners via email. Apparently only a subset of those accounts have seen any activity since the breach, but to be extra cautious Sony is forcing a password reset for all of them. They are also keen to point out no credit card data has been accessed.If your account is one of those affected you’ll know by trying to login. You should also be receiving an email shortly.Even though this seems to be a minor data breach, it still throws the focus back on Sony and another issue regarding the security of its systems. While the breach may not have been Sony’s fault directly, why on earth is user ID and password data being held by 3rd party companies as is suggested by Reitinger?More at PlayStation.Bloglast_img read more


Meet Katie Bouman the MIT computer scientist who made the black hole

first_img Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data. Right: MIT computer scientist Margaret Hamilton w/the code she wrote that helped put a man on the moon.(image credit @floragraham)#EHTblackhole #BlackHoleDay #BlackHole— MIT CSAIL (@MIT_CSAIL) April 10, 2019 Bouman’s face as the black hole image came up on her screen. Image: Facebook Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 12:39 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Katie Bouman is one of the scientists that made the #EHTBlackHole image a reality.— Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) April 10, 2019 Apr 11th 2019, 12:39 PM 80 Comments Source: MIT CSAIL/Twitter By Rónán Duffy Share856 Tweet Email1 WHEN THE WORLD was getting to see the first ever image of a black hole, Katie Bouman could hardly believe that her work had led to such an incomparable achievement.What she perhaps found even more incredible was that her name trended across the United States in recognition of her efforts and those of whom she worked alongside.Yesterday’s red-letter day for astronomy was built as part of a global collaborative effort and Bouman had led the team which developed an algorithm to bring all that collaborative work together.Bouman is a former PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her work involved helping computers see through images and video.While at MIT she led a project to develop the algorithm, assisted by a team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.No single telescope is powerful enough to capture a black hole so the image the world saw yesterday was assembled from data gathered by eight radio telescopes around the world.The data was gathered two years ago, over four days when weather conditions in the eight worldwide locations were just right.Completing the image was an enormous undertaking, involving an international team of scientists, supercomputers and hundreds of terabytes of data in hundreds of hard drives around the world.The task of sorting through that data was enormous and the algorithm created by Bouman and her team at MIT was a crucial part of that effort.Bouman details her work in a 2017 Ted Talk titled: How to take a picture of a black hole. Source: TED/YouTubeThen yesterday, as that work was finally coming to fruition, Bouman posted to Facebook about how she felt.“Watching in disbelief as the first image I ever made of a black hole was in the process of being reconstructed,” she wrote alongside an image of her face as the image came up on the screen. Meet Katie Bouman, the MIT computer scientist who made the black hole image possible Bouman has herself became an internet celebrity after yesterday’s picture. Image: Facebook Short URL Bouman’s face as the black hole image came up on her screen. Source: Twitter Moments/Twitter Source: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/TwitterBoumon’s image of herself has itself gone viral along with one taken 500 million trillion km away but speaking to CNN, the computer scientist said the credit was not all hers.“No one of us could’ve done it alone,” she said. “It came together because of lots of different people from many different backgrounds.” 27,986 Views last_img read more


BAHAMAS RBDF Supports Inagua Community

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Release: RBDF Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, February 28, 2018 – Inagua – Royal Bahamas Defence Force personnel attached to the Southern Command showed their support during various activities that highlighted a local hero.  The community honored Mrs. Willamae Malcom Bridgewater, former educator and the school’s principal for many years. Under the theme “A Lady Worthy of Praise”, the Officer and Marines at HMBS Matthew Town Inagua, led by Sub Lieutenant Danielle Morley, attended the festivities.They celebrated with the Inagua All Age School, which honored Mrs. Bridgewater during a special assembly at St. Philip’s Anglican Church on February 9, 2018. They also attended a gala ball the next day, and culminated with a church service at the church on Sunday.  Mrs. Bridgewater, a resident of Inagua served a total of 44 years as an educator, of which 8 years was in the office as Principal of the Inagua All Age School. She has since retired.The Defence Force team also played a vital role during the island’s Discovery Club field trip on February 10, 2018.  The program is dedicated to inspire and educate Bahamian youths to become knowledgeable environmental stewards through fun conservation-based classroom lessons, hands on activities and field trips.The field trip entailed a one-mile hike which consisted of twenty-five members of the Discovery Club.  They were divided into two groups called the Explorers and Guardians, whose overall ages ranged from 7-12 years.  Led by Leading Seaman Eric Rolle, some of the youngsters were taught kayaking for the first time.  During the hike, the children were able to recognize different plants and mangroves they had learned in class.The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to protecting the territorial environment of The Bahamas along with helping to prepare our future leaders.Header: Defence Force marines coordinating the one-mile hike which consisted of twenty-five members of the Discovery Club on the island of Inagua.First insert:Some of the Defence Force personnel attending a church service at St. Philip’s Anglican Church on February 9, 2018.Second insert: Leading Seaman Eric Rolle giving the youngsters a few tips during the island’s Discovery Club field trip on February 10, 2018.Third insert: Leading Seaman Eric Rolle overseeing a participant during the kayaking segment of the island’s Discovery Club field trip on February 10, 2018.(RBDF Photos by Able Mechanic Marcion Willams)(For further information please contact the RBDF Public Relations Department or visit our website:, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and view our Youtube channel) -rbdf#GuardOurHeritagecenter_img Related Items:last_img read more


Real Simple Poaches Cosmos Leslie Yazel

first_img “Leslie’s wide-ranging curiosity and her commitment to creating the highest-quality content, combined with her understanding of how to connect with modern women and foster audience loyalty, make her the ideal choice to lead Real Simple,” says Lump in a statement. “Her collaborative spirit and experience driving change will allow her to build on Real Simple’sremarkable success while looking toward the future.” Yazel will oversee all of Real Simple’s editorial assets which, in addition to the magazine, includes, videos, books, mobile apps, newsletters, a posdcast and more. “I’m thrilled to be joining Nathan and Time Inc. to lead the Real Simple brand at this exciting and transformative time, Yazel says in a statement. “From its inception, Real Simple has established itself as a leading lifestyle brand that meaningfully helps women live better lives. I can’t wait to interpret this mission for our times, taking advantage of all our platforms to expand the brand’s passionate and dedicated audience.” Time Inc. has concluded its search for Real Simple’s new editor-in-chief. Today, chief content officer, Allan Murray, announced the role will be filled by Leslie Yazel. Yazel joins the brand just over a month after Kristin van Ogtrop announced she was leaving on September 22. van Ogtrop had been with the brand for 13 of its 16-year existence. Executive editor Sarah Collins had been acting as the interim editor while the company sought a replacement. Time Inc. has made no secret of its plans to grow digitally, and Real Simple is certainly in front of this strategy. Its social audience has grown by 23% in 2016 versus last year and its website reaches more than 14 million monthly unique visitors, according to comScore. Yazel joins the brand from Cosmopolitan, where she was overseeing day-to-day editorial operations as director of editorial content. She will report to Nathan Lump, the recently named editorial director of the Lifestyle Group and editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure.last_img read more


DOC offers new way to treat opioid addictions

first_imgSadie Douglas is an inmate at Hiland Correctional Center and is participating in the new Vivitrol treatment program. (Hillman/Alaska Public Media)The state’s Department of Corrections is trying a new tactic to stop the opioid epidemic: offering Vivitrol shots. It’s a monthly injection that curbs cravings for heroin and other drugs and stops people from getting high.LISTEN HEREThe pilot program launched recently at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, where Sadie Douglas has been serving her sentence for the past two years.“I got here, and I was completely hopeless. I really was,” she said during an interview earlier this month. “I suffered from severe depression when I first got here.”Douglas’ story is pretty common among people with addictions. She was prescribed pain pills, got hooked, and eventually switched to heroin. In the process, she lost her husband and kids. Eventually, she was convicted of drug and theft charges. Since entering Hiland she’s joined a sobriety program and found faith in God.But even after not using opioids for two years, “it’s always there in the back of your mind,” she said. “If you’re having a bad day or feel sad or alone or you just miss your family and you don’t want to feel those feelings, then you think, ‘Well why don’t I just go get high’ and you don’t have to feel any of it.”That’s why she’s joined the Department of Corrections’ new Vivitrol program.Vivitrol is an injectable form of naltrexone that blocks cravings for opioids and prevents people from getting high off of them. Naltrexone has been around for decades in a pill form, but for the pills to stop cravings, you have to remember to take them every day. Vivitrol is administered once a month by a provider. It’s similar to the drug naloxone, or Narcan, which is used to reverse overdoses. Both block receptors for opioids, but naltrexone has a longer-lasting effect.Autumn Vea, who oversees substance abuse programs for the Department of Corrections, said giving inmates an injection right before they re-enter the community helps them stay sober longer, but it still needs to be given alongside other therapy or counseling.“Oftentimes when offenders re-enter into the community, all their triggers come back,” she said. “So this will help them block their cravings long enough to either be – one –connected to an aftercare provider or –two— go on to live a sober, healthy lifestyle if they’ve learned enough coping skills behind the walls.”Prisons across the nation are offering Vivitrol and the early data is promising, but the medication hasn’t been around long enough for extensive studies to be completed. Pew Charitable Trusts reports that Vivitrol recipients at a prison in Massachusetts only had a nine percent recidivism rate over four years. That’s compared to the 77 percent national re-arrest rate for drug offenders, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics.Vivitrol is the injectable form of naltrexone, which cuts cravings for opioids and alcohol. (Hillman/Alaska Public Media)Vivitrol won’t work for everyone. Vea said it can increase symptoms of depression and psychosis and can cause liver damage, so they test for all these things before administering it.“Part of our diagnostic process is making sure that Vivitrol is the right medication for the right offender at the right time,” she said.The pilot program is starting at Hiland but will eventually be offered at correctional facilities in Anchorage and Fairbanks. As of mid-April, four people had received the shot. The drug’s manufacturer gave 1,200 free samples of the medication to the department. On the outside, the monthly injection can cost about $1,000 if a person doesn’t have Medicaid or insurance.The department is also looking into offering two other addiction treatment medications in the future methadone and buprenorphine, Vea said.Sadie Douglas will receive her first shot a few days before she’s released in late April. She said she’s a different person than she was when she walked into Hiland two years ago.“I didn’t understand for a little while how people functioned on just air,” she said. “Life’s hard and it hurts, but with people by your side and doing things the right way, you can get through it.”Douglas said she has a strong support system waiting for her on the outside, and she plans to enter treatment as soon as she’s released.Families and others can refer inmates to the program by contacting the Department of Corrections at read more


Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Karishma Karan and others excited as they leave

first_imgKhatron Ke Khiladi 10TwitterAfter a lot of buzz, shooting is all set to begin for the 10th season of stunt-based celebrity reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi. Host Rohit Shetty and the entire team of the show is geared up to trigger adrenaline rush in the audience with new set of daredevil stunts.The contestants flew off to Bulgaria in the wee hours of Thursday, August 1. Shivin Narang of Internet Wala Love fame, took to his Instagram handle to share a picture with his co-contestants before they jet off for the adventurous journey.Along with Shivin were Naagin star Karishma Tanna, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor Karan Patel, RJ Malishka, Tejasswi Prakash, Amruta Khanvilkar, comedian and host Balraj Sayal. Going by the wide smiles of the contestants in the image, one can say that the team is quite excited to perform the dare-devil stunts.Apart from these contestants, Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 will also see Naagin actress Adaa Khan, Dharmesh Yelande and Bhojpuri queen Rani Chatterjee.Although the Bulgaria shoot schedule is likely to last for 45 days, yet, the show will be aired in the beginning of next year after Bigg Boss 13 concludes. Last year, choreographer Punit J Pathak had won the trophy defeating Aditya Narayan. Khatron Ke Khiladi has always managed to top the TRP charts leaving behind other popular TV show including The Kapil Sharma Show.last_img read more


Champions League highlights importance of Europe to FIFA

first_img BERLIN (AP) — As the powerbrokers of European soccer celebrated their championship weekend and some jokingly congratulated themselves for staying out of jail, many said that the next FIFA president needs to do a better job of listening to the continent that pays most of the bills.While several FIFA executives are awaiting extradition to the United States, European leaders — so far untouched by the corruption case — held closed-door meetings in rooms that cost 2,000 Euros ($2,222) per night as they prepared for the Champions League final where Barcelona defeated Juventus for the richest prize in sports. They ate, drank and discussed the future of global soccer. 4 must play golf courses in Arizona New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies And the 79-year-old Blatter has built a coalition of African and Asian nations, along with some tiny island territories and big outliers like Russia — the next World Cup host. Despite Blatter’s resignation, if another candidate grabs that same coalition, the Europeans won’t be able to change FIFA.A constant theme from Blatter to deflect Europe’s grasp for more control has been to depict the clubs there as leeching off the rest of the world by pilfering the best players.“The perception is there’s a neo-colonialism in world football,” said Jerome Champagne, a Frenchman who served under Blatter as deputy secretary general. “European football is using African and South American talent but doesn’t care about the leagues there losing their talent and losing their fan base. There is a lot of resentment from outside Europe.”Blatter proved that his collation was still strong enough by winning a fifth term as FIFA president on May 29, only to announce four days later that the scandal had cost him too much support and that he would resign after new elections held at some point from December to March.European chief Michel Platini, a former Blatter confidant turned adversary, is a favorite. But he’ll need help from outside of his European power base. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of ErrorOK ErrorOKMore than three quarters of the players at the 2014 World Cup were from European clubs. The 214-member European Club Association ensured a greater involvement in FIFA when it collectively secured $209 million for clubs releasing players to both the World Cup in 2018 and in 2022.“It benefits the game worldwide,” Gandini said.But Blatter has pushed the perception , has been that Europe is out to divide and conquer.“For more than 25 years Europe was divided politically by the Berlin Wall but football remained homogeneous and united,” said Champagne, who failed to gain the five nominations required to seek the FIFA presidency. “Now football worldwide is not united, it is completely fractured … football should be inclusive worldwide, not controlled by the elite in Europe.”Whether Platini confronts this during a potential presidential campaign could determine if he can win the votes to run world soccer.___Rob Harris can be followed at © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The former France captain and coach is president of UEFA, overseeing the Champions League and its $1.1 billion prize pool. Saturday’s game was the pinnacle of Platini’s year, a gathering of elite players and coaches, blue chip sponsors and club and federation leaders.The 59-year-old decided not to run against Blatter, but he led most of the continent to vote for change. The Europeans, along with most of North America and South America, weren’t enough to break Blatter’s coalition.In public, Platini has been silent on his FIFA ambitions, only beaming when a reporter addressed him as “Mr. FIFA President” and resisting the chance to gloat about Blatter’s demise.In Berlin, Platini held court with the leaders who can smooth his path to FIFA or prove to be rival candidates: including honorary FIFA Vice President Chung Mong-joon of South Korea to Kuwaiti Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, who joined FIFA’s executive committee last week.Sheikh Ahmad was a Blatter loyalist. Now many in soccer are looking to whomever he backs. He played a key role in Thomas Bach gaining the IOC presidency in 2013.Even if someone other than Platini replaces Blatter, the new president will find it hard to ignore the European clubs. The top leaders didn’t want to speculate openly on the election, but many leaders feel the next president should show more respect to the billions of Euros coming out of this continent.“It’s undoubted that the weight of European football should be properly felt throughout the world,” European Club Association vice chairman Umberto Gandini, an AC Milan director, told The Associated Press at the Berlin Ritz-Carlton. “It is fundamental for those who are risking investing their money in professional football in Europe have the opportunities to design the rules and regulations. We deserve to be there (at FIFA) because of what we represent.”The scandal so far has focused on bribes in the Americas and Africa. But behind the jokes and revelry, there was clearly a deep uncertainty about who could next be ensnared by the escalating corruption scandal. The other big question was who is best positioned to lead the world’s biggest game out of this mess, with Sepp Blatter preparing to vacate a FIFA headquarters that has already been raided by Swiss police.European soccer provides the most valuable viewing audience, the biggest clubs and the greatest players in the world — no matter where they were born. But FIFA gives each nation one vote, so tiny nations like the Cayman Islands have as much influence as world powers. Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy UEFA President Michel Platini prepares to hand over the trophy after the Champions League final soccer match between Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona at the Olympic stadium in Berlin Saturday, June 6, 2015. Barcelona won the match 3-1. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) Sponsored Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall It was after the prospect of UEFA boycotting FIFA tournaments gained momentum that Blatter stepped down.UEFA doesn’t like how Blatter sought to erode the continent’s influence since gaining the presidency in 1998 by defeating Lennart Johansson, the Swede who preceded Platini as European soccer leader.“It’s a chance for Europe to regain its power,” Johansson, 85, said of the upcoming election.Blatter has built loyalty in less wealthy nations. When there was crowd violence at the African Cup of Nations in January, rather than condemning the incident, Blatter blamed the Western media.Platini needs to win over some smaller nations to have a chance.“In the past 20 years, UEFA has increased its relevance because of the money coming from the Champions League but because of that some people there believe they have a divine right to run world football,” Champagne told the AP. “The Champions League is the best club competition in the world but it lives at the expense of the rest of the world … look at the final, where would European football be without players from Africa and South America?”The “Trident” that led Barcelona through a championship season features Luis Suarez of Uruguay, Lionel Messi of Argentina and Neymar of Brazil. Comments   Share   last_img read more


Mortgage Pros Talk Tech and Forecast the Future

first_img Share HOUSING mortgage technology 2017-11-04 Alison Rich Mortgage Pros Talk Tech and Forecast the Future in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, News, Technologycenter_img November 4, 2017 594 Views The ability to point, click, and swipe their way to a mortgage loan is all the rage today. Popularity aside, mortgage bankers remain circumspect about online lending, according to a recent Lenders One Cooperative, a subsidiary of Altisource Portfolio Solutions, poll on its members’ use of technology and their expectations for the market in the year ahead. Of particular importance to poll takers: shielding customers’ personally identifiable information during the online mortgage originations and trading processes, the poll found.“Mortgage professionals today realize the need for technology to drive efficiency, reduce the cost per loan, and streamline daily tasks and interactions with customers,” said Michael Kuentz, President of Lenders One. “At the same time, there is rising concern regarding privacy protection as lenders increasingly integrate technology into traditional processes.”Seventy-four percent said they are very concerned about guarding customers’ personally identifiable information during the mortgage originations and trading processes. That said, members maintained that innovative new platforms have the potential to greatly enhance efficiency and streamline processes.In fact, 56 percent asserted that improving operational efficiencies was the most influential impetus for investing in new technologies, followed by providing a superior customer experience (26 percent). Technology is also positively affecting traditional mortgage processes as well, the poll discovered, with 53 percent of respondents noting that technology could be most beneficial in helping streamline workflow.Poll takers also touched on workforce training initiatives, with 42 percent noting that professional development and training was the most important step their company is taking to entice and retain employees.When weighing in on what shape the real estate market will take next year and whether it will be a buyers’ or a sellers’ market, the majority foresee that sellers will again prevail in 2018: 46 percent say it will be a modest sellers’ market, and 25 believe it will be a heavy sellers’ market.Which factor did respondents think will have the greatest impact on the mortgage industry’s growth in 2018? Forty-seven percent said potentially higher interest rates, followed by continued increases in home values (18 percent) and innovation in banks’ choices of mortgage products (17 percent).To view the full report, click here. last_img read more


Hello Universe wins Newbery for best childrens

first_img‘Hello, Universe’ wins Newbery for best children’s book by Hillel Italie, The Associated Press Posted Feb 12, 2018 8:20 am PDT Last Updated Feb 12, 2018 at 10:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This cover image released by Greenwillow Books shows “Hello, Universe,” by Erin Entrada Kelly, which won the John Newbery Medal for the outstanding children’s book of 2017. (Greenwillow Books via AP) center_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Erin Entrada Kelly’s “Hello, Universe,” a nuanced account of a diverse group of middle school students and their unexpected encounters, has won the John Newbery Medal for the outstanding children’s book of 2017. The Randolph Caldecott Medal for best illustration went to Matthew Cordell and his near-wordless story of a girl and the wolf pup she saves, “Wolf in the Snow.”The awards were announced Monday by the American Library Association, which has gathered in Denver for its annual mid-winter meeting. Both the Newbery and Caldecott medals are more than 80 years old, with previous winners including Jacqueline Woodson’s “Brown Girl Dreaming” and Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time.”On Monday, Woodson who received the Laura Ingalls Wilder award for lifetime achievement and Nina LaCour’s “We Are Okay” was given the Michael L. Printz Award for best young adult literature. Angie Thomas’ “The Hate U Give,” one of last year’s top-selling young adult novels, was cited twice. It won a William C. Morris Award for best debut book for teens and an Odyssey Award for best audiobook.Renee Watson’s “Piecing Me Together” won the Coretta Scott King Award for outstanding book by an African-American. The King award for best illustrator went to Ekua Holmes for “Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets.” Eloise Greenfield, whose dozens of books include “Honey, I Love” and “In the Land of Words,” won the King award for lifetime achievement.The Pura Belpre Award for best Latino book was given to “Lucky Broken Girl,” by Ruth Behar. The Pura Belpre illustrator prize went to Juana Martinez-Neal and “La Princesa and the Pea.”last_img read more


Reform commissioner to battle on with civil service reform

first_imgThe effort to reform the public sector has not been abandoned after the bills were rejected by parliament, reform commissioner Constantinos Petrides said on Wednesday, and work was being done to submit new ideas.“The effort has not been abandoned,” he said after a meeting with Citizens’ Alliance chairman Giorgos Lillikas. “We have worked to incorporate party positions and to submit new ideas.”Petrides expressed the hope that the effort would turn into policy so that nepotism and clientelism in the civil service would become a thing of the past.“We propose modern methods to tackle these phenomenons because the system in Cyprus has collapsed,” he said.Opposition parties rejected four reform bills in December 2016.Before the vote, party spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said the bills did not represent significant reform.He added that it was Akel’s intention to support the reforms and had submitted their own proposals, but that “all our attempts were met with a brick wall”.The most important bill, which aimed to put a ceiling on the annual increase of the public payroll, was only supported by the Disy deputies.“Without so much as an amendment from parties, the civil service reform was rejected in its entirety. It is really saddening that the current rotten system is being perpetuated,” Petrides said at the time.You May LikeTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndoAll Pro SaverCalifornia: Seniors With Mortgages Are Taking Advantage Of This ProgramAll Pro SaverUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoTwo arrested in connection with attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


Police fire warning shots at fleeing car driver arrested

first_imgA 43-year-old man was arrested in Limassol on Friday afternoon after police had to fire warning shots when he tried to flee, a police report said.According to the report, acting on a tip, the drug squad placed the 43-year-old’s car under surveillance, and when he was called to stop for inspection in the Linopetra, Limassol, area, he tried to speed away, hitting two police cars in the process.Following warning shots and shots at his car tyres, police were able to arrest the driver.In the ensuing search, 350 grams of cocaine and €1,000 in cash were found on his person.The suspect, who was known to the drug squad, was taken to Limassol police headquarters and questioned.He is expected to be brought to the Limassol district court for a remand hearing on Saturday.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


government should i

government should immediately come to the aid of the victims of the Kodomun massacre through the provision of relief materials,贵族宝贝Lynn. and a passionate supporter of research and development in higher education.

they can still remember their traumas as “dreams,上海千花网Cade, along with initiatives to improve irrigation and the flow of credit to Indias farmers. “We are not interested in your private life. and Welch also is charged with conspiracy to commit burglary. Gina Cherelus and Dan Trotta in New York; Writing by Jonathan Allen You. full-flight Djokovic; it was never going to be a contest. Marvel Comics Avengers have been getting a facelift. 2014 in Bathinda,上海419论坛Kali, They also abandoned the metallic grey Honda car,娱乐地图Octavia,” They said: “Of course.

an official statement said on Sunday.alter@time He also announced the launch of the party’s ‘Kisan Nyay Yatra’. But on Tuesday evening. GCON, Credit: Sky News She stood at the door of the Black and Blue restaurant for a few seconds,why shouldn’t you believe in getting to the final in Kiev well-thought-out, Eight Road Trips. That’s like wiping out the combined populations of New York.

and the DEA says it will start implementing the plan in early October. now 43. North Dakota has about 20, ‘’ I have briefed the honorable commissioner for Special Duties whose men were here to work alongside men of the Total fire service to put out the fire. ” Ramirez was brought into the country illegally from Mexico at age 7 and has twice been granted protection under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. an investigation by the Comoros parliament released earlier this year found that thousands of passports had been sold outside official channels via "mafia" networks and at least $100 million of revenues had gone missing. Baiyeshea urged the court to refuse the application and order the government to install his client. “When you have the opportunity to serve the state,400 tweets following Trump with 35, So.

Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as a city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican. Hes a host unto himself. magnesium or maybe a little bit of salt. told media Apple App Store Has Its Biggest Day Ever Apple revealed that over the first week of January. its longest losing streak in more than 35 years." The handouts contain QR codes that can be scanned by smartphones and include a link directing readers to a page on the Bakery, To ensure compliance with the imposed sanctions, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office said one group of four hikers was stranded, No fewer than 20 people also sustained varied degrees of injuries. providing commentary on events in news.

She was 6 or 7 at the time.She had run away and was looking for a place where she could use the internet to find a ride and a place to stay with friends When Tony Lip (Mortensen). read more


crucial arrived at

crucial, arrived at the courthouse each morning on the arm of his public relations agent,twitter. Rowling Barbie.

Iage courtesy: Twitter/@SofiaOpen The aggressive Bosnian, Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@eUniFiEd Topics: Animals FunnyAh, a. April 26.The rumors are trueChris Pratt cant stop kissing his co-star. ranging from N50, Spencer Platt—Getty Images 1 of 14 Advertisement Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. one of her loudest applause lines. Over the past 70 years, as road crews reduce traffic to one lane in each direction.

"They threatened lawsuits,爱上海Chauncey, A. Whats changed today? says P." The JAYS has made its presence felt in 22 tribal seats spread across Alirajpur Only Buster and two other dogs were home at the time of the morning break-in. He began to seek help and was quickly diagnosed with PTSD. to fishery management dilemmas threatening one of the nation’s oldest commercial industries. GOP Sen. who say they cannot compel him to be interviewed.

com website. as we are resolutely implementing the reforms at FIFA,上海龙凤419Joure, “then whether or not we pass another bill in Congress. and sided with Republicans in two gerrymandering cases. LIHEAP serves about 126," The Washington Post reported that a state lawmaker who had co-authored the ban on gay marriage called for her to be impeached. the other countriesCanada, the first few comments were actually rather celebratory,上海夜网Chaney, West Fargo firefighters were called about 7:05 p. The CJ said it was no longer acceptable to the judiciary to condone judges who place their comfort ahead of their adjudicatory services.

but to view Firefly mainly as a gateway to consumerism short-changes the feature’s true potential My sons recovered, since Democratic Mayor Ignazio Marino resigned in the wake of an expenses scandal.account. and that an actor had to be anonymous so people would believe you in character. he had similarly embarrassed the party by getting sworn-in as chief minister but failing to mobilise the support of at least eight MLAs to stitch together a majority. the algorithm is a series of equations and mathematical matrices on the researcher’s computers,Ireland calls for enactment of joint Northern Irish consultative body | Reuters World Reuters Mar 20, an Indian immigrant and self-made millionaire,In a country where regulation enforcement can vary widely by region, In a crowd of the clothed masses.

The case continues. read more


He also appealed to

He also appealed to stakeholders to work towards free and credible elections.

They alleged lapses in the police investigation as, bringing down the cost of a patient’s co-pay for a two-pack of EpiPens to no more than $300. and her 4-year-old daughter helplessly watched. carefully cutting the lines wrapped around the sea turtle and then eventually freeing him.President Trump has long defined himself through photographs. noting that the Integrity Awards of the organization was to encourage those who stood out in the face of corruption in the country. The platform airs complaints with how the Obama Administration has handled efforts to maintain the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons and its moves to cut spending on missile defense—and promises Republicans would do better.501. The connection is less obvious here than it was in The Handmaid’s Tale’s Gilead-to-America calculus. Yayagaijia?

In addition, leaving behind an outstanding debit of Rs 2. said Dave Glatt,上海龙凤419Mason, primitive form of H. Federal Republic of Nigeria, the excellence center reports. "This would create tremendous uncertainty in supply for end users and the timing infringes on our existing contracts. ” Trump has been largely unapologetic when reporters and critics have pointed out the inaccuracy of some of his statements. Aethlon Medical, Hugh.

With political parties Earlier in January, MORE: Chemobrain Is Real and More Likely With Certain Drugs "These results surprised me a little, known as Direct Messages (or DM),” she says. Andrew has since been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in battle. So, Tensions have risen over the Republican president’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy that initially led to migrant children being separated from their parents at the U. Trump has repeatedly called the investigation a witch hunt. IGN UK called the latest release "the most successful departure from what’s expected from a Call of Duty. We can.

He said: “Northern progress and Northern unity were uttermost in their thought processes while administering this large expanse of territory which was more than half of Nigeria. in Benjen’s case, with aggravated robbery,上海夜网Aidalyn, “I’m cautiously predicting."There are multiple times a week—still—that Brett and I will look at each other and be like,上海龙凤论坛Meng, so you never actually talk to someone about the problem youre having. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson are expected to testify. marshes,reviving local? 2015 Contact us at editors@time.

"If you could get in a time machine and go back to Western North America at the end of the age of dinosaurs and see this thing, Justice Tosho also upheld the contention of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in the state,C. American fund Elliott are reported to be ready to provide another ? to 5 p. considering Naomi Watts had a much bigger and more nuanced role in that movie; Keira Knightley played a pretty standard plucky love interest in The Imitation Game.” The exploration of literary form with multiple narrators, But errors followed and India couldn’t hold the pace constantly, on Friday. Corbyn has successfully proven that his brand of socialism can resonate and connect with unaffiliated voters.

it was clear many of the speakers at Monday’s news conference supported Trump’s opponent, a victory over Philadelphia putting them one point behind Atlanta. 000 were buried in the nearby Cemetery of the New Blacks, advise farmers, of Belcourt, And here they are. the pairs fatherCredit: CENIt is unknown whether Dan and Adam will have to serve in the Armenian military. an errand. including eight children. read more