Optimization is a test of patience Don’t give up in one step away from success

is a good old saying: a good beginning is half the success, the word cat is very identity, have a good mentality, you need to do is work. Diligence what? Updates every day every day to do, but it is likely that a do a few months later to see results, so this is not a easy thing, very simple to machine, but to the people, let him repeat a few months to do one thing, then sooner or later lose interest. The cat said to all the Shanghai dragon ER here: do your work to do to Shanghai dragon mentality. Every webmaster must have experienced such a thing, not only need to update every day, but also regularly do some outside the chain, the chain of course is not so easy to do it, you need to carefully treat, the number of the chain is not much, but in essence, with the high quality of the chain instead of what junk links. This sounds is very difficult, some people listen to a few months at. read more


n June the global search engine Market love Shanghai replaced by Bing fell to fourth

(Figure 1) in June the global search engine market share distribution

IDC network (idcps贵族宝贝) on 03 August 07 reports: according to market research firm Net Applications latest data show that in June, the global search engine market share champion is still blue baby – Global, occupy 70.80% of the market share, last month, an increase of 2.26%. Bing and Yahoo – Global were runners up, the ranking rose 1. Compared to last month, the global search engine market share ranking changes significantly. Below, please see the IDC Review Network on the detailed analysis of data. read more


Optimization of the reflection on excessive after a novice webmaster website

problem is such a day, I drop from the clouds, I love Shanghai, the name of the website, the website suddenly found no name, no description, only a bare the… This is the situation at that time, I put this screenshot section to a lot of people to help solve the problem.

I was anxious, this is what, I also find the reasons from the Internet, and complaints snapshot, and update the server space, and from the new 301 orientations are not, many users have experienced are said to be optimized too, new haven’t love with Shanghai to establish a good relationship, and so on good. read more


Update the direction from the love Shanghai earthquake 2 Analysis of the future Shanghai algorithm t

May 2013 pomegranate algorithm

is the main target of attack: 1, super chain intermediary, 2, selling links, 3, buy links

last June from the "love Shanghai earthquake" to Scindapsus algorithm 2 this year, love Shanghai several more. The adjustment of the algorithm and love Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng blow to most people Voices of discontent. So, we have to look at this love Shanghai several important algorithms and analysis after adjustment, love Shanghai algorithm to update the direction. read more


On site internal optimization

1, the reasonable path

has encountered a small C website content deleted the site, after the repair on the home, still did not escape the fate of K, duplicate content website is to be reduced to the right, the same article do not appear in many different URL, repeat too much of the search engine is not love. Light to eliminate duplicate content, even lead to site is down right even K station. If the website data is deleted and search engines, we should give priority to submit the dead link on the case that can not be reduced, " read more


Use love Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram to increase web site advertising revenue

is a personal view of the above views, only hope to provide you an idea, this paper first A5, reproduced please keep this link: www.jiwo.cc, love is to share.

Using the method of Two days before

love Shanghai heat map is not introduced, do not know can go to Mou Changqing’s blog, we first look at a picture of the effect of 28tui

then I think we all know what to do, since we can see users love Click position, so we just targeted in the position of the insertion point of advertising can be, once a habit is formed, it is difficult to change, but if you put the landing position directly above the local exchange. Advertising on the landing position, so you certainly affect the user experience, and even the loss of a lot of users, so the best way is in the position near the place a small amount of advertising, such as the value of the user experience, can also increase the income, this is the best solution. read more


Key links site optimization strategy

is our common book, the inside too much out of order URL, most of these garbage sites, so there is no what help to us, also is outbound links too much of the website, the station has no what value for us, so when a station outbound links too much. We don’t have to exchange with people Links.

What is the principle of the

so we now explain the key link spam spam links, sometimes not only play a role, and may even be counterproductive.

well, I sum up the high quality import links to 1, can be submitted in the search engine directory, 2, in the high weight website released some high quality of the original text, and to bring us the link, 3, in our relevant industry website propaganda of our site 4, looking for high quality Links. read more


How to make your own website PR to stability enhancement

how to make your site PR to stability enhancement? For a long time do not want to write this article, because there are a lot of online now on this article, everyone can be found everywhere, but why to write, is a website in recent years I now do, this involves in terms of content, so write and share with you. How to improve the PR value, is not what good mystery. The only way is a small amount of added outside the chain, therefore this article, although the subject is how to improve the PR value, what is important is how to increase internal links, improve PR value. read more


360 search using their own website to seize the traffic

related websitesWe all know that

360 search just on the line, it brings dense background in statistics at the site keywords and IP, really make me excited one. The webmaster forum, webmaster exchange group are also in the sun 360 search for their station brought much traffic. We all thought that the personal website of the spring is really coming, no longer have to look at the face of the love of Shanghai. But with the regression of netizens to search 360 fresh and love Shanghai a series of counter, I found 360 search traffic from a day less than a day, now every day brings the flow is less than half of the maximum time before. 360 search market share may have dropped by half, I did not drop the ranking of keywords, is the only possible 360 search tricks on the search results page. Let’s open the 360 search secret read more


The five elements of local portal should be paid attention to in the process of development

love grow together, go into the line activities.

is the two most important factors is the content and the promotion, the first three elements has explained, the promotion is mainly determined by webmaster want to line cooperation, word-of-mouth marketing line will let you get unexpected results, word-of-mouth marketing strength is beyond your imagination, only done people know.

four elements: to avoid excessive optimization, local portal site are not regular, careless operation can easily be K. Everyone in the construction of the local portal site the amount of time, some not excessive pursuit of search engine, and should put the user experience first. read more


After the line on the website should be how to maintain

2. observation siteWe analyze the

(2), know love Shanghai Library (official FAQ, data type

on the first page of the natural rankings we put the site classification

sometimes when our boss, we assigned a website or our new website just on the line we do not know how to maintain or update, do not know where to start a step, we need to think about our website after we should do what to optimize the operation in a shorter period of time to promote keywords our website ranking, today to share a few points on the website after the on-line maintenance operation strategy. read more


Reasonable use of the network to promote the website included favorites

from the above analysis of search engine articles included a general principle, we know that you want to make your site to take some time included problem, and the space, so we have no other way to solve this problem? No, recently discovered a way to steadily improve their website included, here to share.

included in the site as one of the important factors to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking now included problems is one thing many webmaster headache, because their day update is not included in the growth, many new sites to find their original articles, search engine is not included, even included a downward trend, in order to to solve this problem, I believe that many owners have spent a lot of experience in the above, we first analyze the search engine not included in our article: read more


Several methods of anti shielding website

1, website using HTTPS encryption connection;

site using multiple IP address;

is the most simple way is to use the CDN service, according to different countries use different IP, a benefit of this is that even if a IP cannot access, users can through the hosts to modify the IP to access.

The 2,

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

supports full text reading;

is an e-mail filtering system is not easy, especially foreign e-mail content sites should mail subscription, is a relatively simple way through the RSS system automatically trigger mail release function, there are several services (FeedBurner, Tencent subscription etc.) support RSS content automatically send e-mail. In addition, can also be through some third party plug-ins (e.g. WordPress Mail2Post) to automatically send e-mail. read more


The difference of search engine optimization and user experience Optimization

on the other hand, our Shanghai dragon optimization and user experience Optimization and differences. From the time when we see the Shanghai dragon optimization, in the establishment of the website to prevent the use of excessive code, to establish JavaScript misappropriation, and number of flash pages and pictures, text more hope.

from the perspective of user experience, users no matter what your Shanghai dragon, they like is not stingy, perhaps is concise, colorful, cool flash user preferences match results, like intuitive results figure. So, this is our search and optimization to law, here we need Shanghai Longfeng tasks and web site designers and programmers to communication, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. read more


The establishment process case analysis of Shanghai dragon two donkey nets

the donkey nets love Shanghai is ranked first, if you see a donkey nets love Shanghai included the amount is only about 700000, title contains only more than 15 thousand donkey nets. The data tell us that the word competition is not hot, into the front page is very likely. But look at home, most of the news page, these pages are the immediate results, to go faster, and generally do not have the chain support, so no need to worry about. The rest is love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the donkey nets entry, this is the love of the Shanghai series, the ranking is usually the nomadic word, damage is stronger but are random, ranking floating less time, but because this is a very obvious love Shanghai product results page, if want to see a donkey nets the contents are generally not click, so will not largely rob a donkey network traffic. So this result is anxious not countervail, generally ignored. There is one I see is a Bozhou forum, it is only in the title with a donkey nets so also temporarily in the home, also want to estimate the looting, see today title has failed to catch the words donkey nets, so it will be a Yuhua xie. read more


Scindapsus algorithm second line of Shanghai Dragon ndustry

The second is the sale of some

it is foreseeable that love Shanghai to deliberately hit Shanghai dragon will only become more and more strict, the popular Shanghai dragon industry will be putting the pouring a pot of cold water, how will the future of Shanghai dragon, we will wait and see. This article first from the construction site of the original Suzhou cable address: 贵族宝贝sztianhong.org/ Shanghai, /369.html

network company Shanghai dragon production orders is nothing less than the accumulation of extensive articles, outside the chain, the chain of friends to. You can definitely say the station optimization is almost not on the itinerary. Orders from the single node almost invariably stressed the importance of the chain and the chain of friends. This algorithm is a very important one is to promote the chain to crack down on purpose, although it is said that some of the large soft promotion on the surface, but from the principle of love for the Shanghai spiders, he could not identify what station, how much for the station, how small is small, there will definitely be a a unified standard, so the chain of daily use is released, as in the anchor text, the forum issued a hyperlink, will become the object of attack. As a result, those on the station were only on the chain chain intensive and meticulous farming, support ranking corporate website, ranking may disappear in an instant. Enterprise website is the pursuit of quick list, can not be accepted for half a year or a year long period of optimization, can be said that the enterprise website optimization is a deformity of derivatives industry under Shanghai dragon, and a series of the chain of combat, may make the industry network company difficult. read more


Restore the K enterprise website ranking process

in my last blog wrote an article about the recent new website optimization ranking and included requires patience, which mainly talked about the most recently received a new love Optimization Website orders of enterprises in Shanghai, and then began the whole process of the whole article to record the optimization of the enterprise website in July 11th, interested can see lasted 17 days the new rankings do this article love Shanghai search results page second process which records, but this site in Shanghai ranking at No. 19 ranked first in good times don’t last long, page second, the next few day Shanghai ranked shuttle back and forth in the second to 11, the love Shanghai is tough enough. Several times a day to update the ranking results ah, really vulnerable! It took about four or five days, the night before the "Bible" of the search. Key words in Shanghai love search ranking row to the first page first position, the second day in the morning I opened the computer examination found no ranking website ranking, including a lot of long tail words such as "Bible," wholesale "Bible company" and "Bible price" and "Bible factory" and "the Christian Bible player", "MP3 player" tail word Night directly disappeared, the only surviving "location above the words Bible wholesale price all is still first page fifth and stay there, this is one of the only remaining keyword ranking, see there is a place in my heart, there the bottom, other website ranking should still be saved, but my people do. read more


Shanghai dragon how to let the spider suit you

(2) compressed media information. The spider is after all people made, for pictures and Flash is not very sensitive, Flash can’t even crawl, so the site is best not to have Flash, are good for users and spiders, let the spiders to crawl, but also enhance the loading speed, the user is happy. If the owners of the site must have pictures, advise you to compress the pictures after the integration in the upload, and each picture is to add the ALT attribute.

(1) CSS simplified code, website integration architecture. Webmaster in site or in the choice of the website source code, sometimes ignore or don’t pay attention to whether streamlined website source code, too many existing site code redundancy problem, to the spider crawling website inconvenience, timely modification is the first priority. read more


What search on new breakthrough and development of the old road of thorns

of course ten years of sword, at this time choose to launch what, UC must have their own considerations, if not ripe, have obvious advantages, I think UC is not stupid enough to give their enemies. After all, in the Internet era, only need to cooperate with more companies will introduce what business entity, then what will bring more commercial interests, through what is the electricity supplier to bring traffic needs, and this demand will be in an unbroken line, in the future development of relatively, what advantage the service will be more businesses, also from some of the Internet giant on abruptly grabbed his own business, and for the mobile platform, with the sea is a rookie, whereas UC has many active users, UC can through their own platform to develop what, even through the implantation of UC browser what function. Let’s development has benefited from the use of the user’s own, and once formed a user stickiness, then for what is the relative development in the future It is not so difficult, of course, if after what can solve some problems of its own, timely update. read more


The real Shanghai dragon should do

was speaking from the most familiar content. Our current emphasis is the original content updates, anyway, with or without inspiration, to write some original content is updated every day, do not write articles for change to form the so-called pseudo original". Perhaps it is some effect, but Xiaobian think, with the development of the industry and the algorithm is constantly updated, this approach will soon lose effect. Apart from the original garbage does not say, search engine to the evaluation and not writing is good, but the value is much, which can meet the demand of users. The maximum expression is correlation to the content and keywords of how high, correlated well with the site how high. read more