Rookie webmaster about how personal website hacking

previously on DEDE’s website also saw an article like this! But I personally think that writing is not very full! So in this way for rookie webmaster! Look! Veteran across

!In fact,

personal webmaster hacking is divided into the following steps:

one. Program problem!


and the program is divided into congenital and acquired


is the program itself inherent vulnerability! Don’t say that under what is the latest version of the official! No loopholes ah, so it’s safe! In fact what procedures are not without loopholes, but now is not found! Especially to write their own procedures can be said that the program itself loophole Its loopholes appeared one after another.! General injection vulnerability, upload loopholes, Mancang and so on! There are some other plug-in vulnerabilities and small program vulnerabilities such as EWEBEDITOR vulnerability editor! Ah, photo album, message board and so on, these programs generally have a great risk, it is easy to be used by hackers to read more


Talking about the experience of catering franchise network

I’ve never written this draft, recently Shouyang, so just write your own website. Today talk about catering series’ mortal site joined the network, is currently a little high PR value site, Google search " food franchise " the first website! Unfortunately, so far no money! Ha ha! This is the first white out


network name is catering catering franchise before 114, the reason for this name is very simple, did not intend to purchase a did not renew the domain name, website content involves catering management, catering franchise, food information, delicacy and so on all kinds of food information navigation. Among them, the food and beverage management information is relatively large, mainly home to do this work, not very hard to do, probably a year, and found a lot of visits, that is, no commercial value. The start of the 08 year, people began to pay attention to commercial traffic! So the impulse of the 114 to join network catering catering! I this person often impulsive, so now all the sites in the hands of 09 years from the new impulse. It’s also time for you to lose your money and sweat yourself, read more


Xi’an happy net the first place to cooperate successfully with TV station SNS

August 22nd, Xi’an TV station (Xi’an local TV station) and Xi’an (the largest social networking platform happy net in Xi’an area SNS) successful cooperation "power service into the community", opened the Xi’an happy network and local mainstream media cooperation prelude, but also after Kaixin001 second in cooperation with the television case, and become the first case of local SNS and local TV station attractions, Xi’an happy network media cooperation will lead the whole team offensive to Xi’an Kaixin (an area of type SNS) into Chinese before ten SNS, and became the most successful area of SNS for the first China operation. read more


Personal practice of website export buy a station


can directly buy ready-made code

makes a website and then goes to other countries and expects foreigners to like it and use it. We call it "website export", so the website won’t be in chinese. However, in addition to language and the knowledge of setting up websites, the biggest obstacle for ordinary people is that they do not know what websites will be popular with foreigners. In other words, it is a cultural barrier.

in addition, even if you think of a good idea, how to start it is a big problem. The average person is probably not able to write unless he is a programmer. Hire a programmer to write? It sounds This is a big problem. budget is the problem. Get a company to do that? It’s really big. After the website is written, still should popularize, all sorts of problems make a person how to do not know how to start. read more


The stationmaster loves his body and begins by reducing the boredom of irrigation

people who do web work spend hours all day dealing with computers, and most of them are online except when they eat and sleep. Website update, bubble forum, look at the news, in short, you can pass the time on the Internet, but time is always too soon, one day later to know, not much to do today, most of the time wasted on pointless diving.

‘s ideal state of life is to work 8 hours a day, sleep 8 hours, 8 hours to eat, communicate, walk, deal with the mess in life. Although, the person’s life 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep in some pity, but if there is no good physical condition, how to ensure the efficient completion of daily work? To maintain a good physical condition is modaobuwukanchaigong, are healthy. Why do big read more


For those who don’t know what the garbage station is

many people say: no original content of the website is the garbage station, I do not agree with this. In my opinion, no matter what kind of site, commercial station, station has its meaning of existence, with a value of. Is just uploaded to the site, to the webmaster is also very important: passion. The ideal…… but a website has its meaning and value is not enough. Unless this site for Adsense just to satisfy their own hobbies, or learn to like.

No more

into the small profit big money project. At least I think so. The webmaster choose web site operators to make money channels I still admire. At least you have chosen for their own occupation. The webmaster (there is a conflict. With the subsequent read more


Be wary of high price advertising or the temptation of an alliance

as a webmaster, use a website to make money, sometimes I really feel very tired, does not flow, it is difficult to pull people to basic monthly, managed to put some time advertising, found deduction amount, more than money, the heart is very helpless to make money this year! Is not easy, these advertisers is really than a black


some time ago, some people want to put some high priced advertising on my website, which is more attractive. Ten thousand show 60 yuan, count, is at least two times to do other alliances, so he agreed, also put in a few months, also received the money, really good, experience also very happy! But one day, one of my friends said to me, my website has a virus, I thought it was black the check under (my computer has not installed antivirus software, so I opened, has been reported to the police), so to open the page in another antivirus software on the computer, it indicates a Trojan horse program. I was the top advertising alliance, a horse. So quickly pulled down. read more


How do do hundreds of daily traffic on the web site for a week

This is just some superficial

novice veteran please fly directly over the wise remark of an experienced person. I think a lot of friends in see my article title after may sneer at, not just hundreds of flow, what good show, yes, hundreds of traffic is not too much. But for a novice like me, has been very satisfied, the development of the site is to have a process, from quantitative change to qualitative change process. We have to do is site traffic soared steadily, not a freak, a huge flow of dumpster! From the beginning of our goal is to build a local forum Cangzhou gold website, 0317cangzhou. The bear in each of the Cangzhou people. Talk a lot, now we have is how to put the site on the line less than a week for hundreds of traffic to share with everyone, that is, in these traffic sources is mostly from the local, that is our target customers, I is really very pleased! read more


How does individual website change to commercial website

was incorporated, hao123 see the starting point is also home to count the money to play, QQ hook, sexting, PW fire, money. So, the studio, SOHO, and then more entrepreneurs. All sorts of strange things, think to do a web site emerge in an endless stream I can lie several money. Just… A friend sent me an article to say some truth, so put in for everyone to see… For now. Whether personal site or the so-called personal business website, perhaps have some help

sites have no value, and commercialization is out of the question. The value of a website is mainly embodied in the following three aspects: read more


Game website operation promotion old tricks and new tricks

online games, have created a product of Internet is the earliest and most rapid profit model, such as the long fee, free access to the sale of equipment, business cards and so on, and also spawned a number of big money Internet Co, the Internet Co has still a big number, the cash flow crashed. For example, NetEase, Shanda, Tencent. In this process, the role of the game site can not be ignored. A lot of online game company also is in the construction of the website, operation and promotion, spent a lot of real money. But now, the game site is in the right and left, not a person, not on the gap. read more


Core value of website operation

often receives the news of friends, how to do a website,


there are a lot of traditional investors think the Internet is a worthwhile investment in the emerging industry, has a hot head rushed in after the discovery, traditional industry, if not, then lose, or can the rest point of land sold, the total can do what feeling. But the Internet industry, it seriously how much is for burning is not clear, what’s going on, hundreds of thousands of no, don’t tell when you can make money.

therefore, to operate a website, a short sesame, it is recommended that the majority of business owners should consider a few issues,. read more


Admin5 small companies such as word of mouth marketing is the propagation speed is a very powerful

Admin5 small, your mother wants you to go home to eat


as shown in the following picture:

has been hanging on the Internet today, to eat the evening meal, is the webmaster online to see some updated article today! Is the idle time, a friend gave me a Q, I opened a look, is a connection, what are not! Do I dare not open at all. Until recently QQ does not know how to engage in, a lot of the user’s password is old junk information by people, what to point from there, what ferry what! Is very depressed, I also dare not so, but after that, buddy directly to a "non – small, your mother wants you to eat the moon cake!!!!! Look, suddenly came in, this is a very attractive subject, two is his friend would not believe phishing sites, don’t lie! Haha, finally in the above situation is read more


Chinese stationmaster wants to learn to go out come in please

"go out and come in" is more used in Chinese sports, especially non dominant sports. But what I want to say today is that the Chinese webmaster must go out, please come in,


a lot of A5 friends found me yesterday, exchanging experience and learning from each other. I felt this very good ah, can exchange is not very good? And some Adsense A5 talk for nearly 2 hours, the line on the notebook, the heart suddenly feel every day of life is completely cannot do without the Internet, even friends, do online with IM software to communicate and spend nearly 16-17 hours on the Internet every day, even on weekends and holidays, only occasionally go out, can be said that life is the Internet, the Internet is life. read more


Local portal analysis report a there is no market for local doors

China throughout the Internet industry, the regional comprehensive portal website many successful cases, but most of them are based on newspapers, television and other traditional media resources, the newspaper group investment, very few companies invested by telecom background. There are few exceptions to the top regional portal websites, which are based on news content as their core competitiveness, because of the strong news resources advantages behind them and their habitual thinking. Shandong several major portals Dazhong, Shandong news network, Shun net, peninsula network, Qingdao news network, Braun network, founded a long time, high visibility, strength. It’s not easy for a new Internet media like Laiwu to win out in such a competitive market. read more


How to choose the location of the dry cleaners more favorable

living standards improve, people have the ability to buy more luxury goods and high-end clothing, and dry cleaning market has a good prospect. Open dry cleaners, huge market demand. Prior to this, we must pay attention to find the shop.

read more


2013 topic how to correctly promote the site rankings included through the SEO

today to share with you how to correct the SEO optimization of the site rankings included substantive promotion, before A5 published two articles, namely: "on the effect of" keywords to the weights of the website SEOer on the net and "novice Webmaster Station Management and optimization, improvement" included and rankings, also believe that many webmaster have seen today, write this article, but also the time to share my feelings and opinions with you.

hot dog network, this topic is: how to properly through the SEO optimization, the site will be substantially improved? Here are 2 keywords, read more


From a webmaster to the electricity supplier operation director sad course

in 2010, when I was a student, started the business with a friend on the Internet together, a website built a science and technology. At that time, so I was assigned to do network promotion, imperceptibly, access to the SEO industry, when the industry is still quite the fire, many of the forum had a large number of individual owners, but also the achievements of many people, 28 push, push, A5 Adsense nets, the laggards, such as SEOWHY (although I did not contact the SEO for a long time, but these sites still clearly remember). Think this is a very good, not only can learn technology, but also make money? SEO after being hooked on, began to learn SEO, what to do outside the chain, the station link, 301, 404 are cooked can be cooked. Since then, you have also built several websites, and the ranking of keywords and traffic are very good, I think in this area to further study, it will bring very good income. read more


ndividual stationmaster asks Alibaba 20 websites to be faced with copyright accusation strictly

I am

net station, November 25th issued a entitled "27" grassroots entrepreneurial experience start on the road most real article, now in Baidu search, a bunch of out of this, but about the source of behoove, and the author, and the last section, some sites in different degree tamper off, which made me very angry.

in the last paragraph is: "good, want to talk a lot, not to say, the first 10 from the" 10 "personal webmaster network business can not be ignored is the Internet to see, behind the 17 is what to write, hoping to pay sincere webmaster friends, QQ:397251430 long net station first please indicate the source." read more


nternet my life is a road of no return

that summer vacation, my sister and I packed up, and grandfather and a group of people on the way to visit relatives, very excited mood. The car galloped for hours and finally arrived at the bustling city of Jinjiang. Uncle home, I lived in the countryside for 10 years, I have seen the most beautiful house, can only be seen in the TV on air conditioning, computers, notebooks, advanced sofas, big fish tank…… Have everything that one expects to find。

first contact the computer, that is, the time to see that machine, the heart is itching, and senior figures used, and even dare not touch. By chance, saw my uncle there began to look at things out of order, the brightly coloured (now known, that is, stock) for a long time, my uncle, browse the web, forget that time is to see what website, just the news, no other, more cattle B, the original computer can also be placed listen to the movie CD. Now think, at that time, really BC one. read more


How do start a novel station from 0

, my novel started planning at the beginning of this year. In the last year, a friend made a novel stand, the flow is good, straight I heart!!!


first, a significant point of the domain name, according to the SEO standard is the first one to optimize the domain name, this is directly related to your website in Baidu keyword home location, very lucky, in the novel age, domain name speculation hot time to find a suitable domain name is very difficult after a few days, we selected the pairing, a novel station can also be! The domain name read more