What is the real purpose of the City Constabulary?

first_imgDear Editor,With this recent massive robbery that was committed on a popular jewellery store at the Stabroek Market — a heist that could rival ‘The Great Train Robbery,’ which occurred in 1963 when a Royal Mail train was heading from Glasgow to London — the citizens of Georgetown should expect nothing less than the resignations of the Georgetown Mayor, the Town Clerk, the Chief Constable, and the Clerk of Markets being immediately tendered.Of course this will never happen, as those at City Hall cheerfully stumble from one scandal to another without any reprimand ever being meted out to them.The role of the City Constabulary seems to be only that of body protection: for securing of the multiple residences of the Mayor, the Town Clerk and other members in and out of the city; and for chasing vendors around downtown Georgetown whilst the poor vendors and patrons in and around the municipal markets are robbed with impunity on a daily basis.What is the real purpose of the City Constabulary, which has well over 100 employees and about five stations in Georgetown? Which, according to the Town Clerk, has the same power as the national police (GPF) in the maintenance of law and order in this country? Couldn’t they simply use these extensive powers to guard the markets?He proudly boasts that his Constabulary is responsible for policing the entire 15-square mile area of the capital city, with its approximately 180,000 citizens; and that they are also empowered to protect citizens as they patrol the city. Does this include the Stabroek and other municipal markets, which are burgled on a daily basis?The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown should be ashamed of themselves, and should hang their heads when they see citizens. They have been raising market stall rents, property rates, licence fees and certificate charges, solid waste collection costs, yet the municipal markets have leaky roofs; are dark and rat infested and insecure; the abattoir is dilapidated and barely able to slaughter animals for consumption as food; the Day Care Centres are being shuttered; City Hall and most other municipal buildings are in a most ruinous condition; there is no municipal swimming pool or other recreational facilities; and the cemetery is a national disgrace, to name a few maladies.Mr. President, isn’t this jewellery store robbery the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back? Should there not be a Commission of Inquiry launched at City Hall?Regards,Kwasi Sandersonlast_img


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