To learn to reflect in the review progress optimization method

The presence of

two, learn to reflect is to chase and beyond the competitors need to

failure is the mother of success, only the reflection and review it, because learning to reflect and review to find their own deficiencies, and only constant reflection and review will make their own progress. The same applies to the website optimization, some people think that the core site optimization methods include so few, firmly and earnestly to do on the line. Hold this view but we know that no ground for blame, face a variety of optimization methods emerge in an endless stream, the search engine does not stop change their algorithms, some effective method may no longer work. As the website construction and website optimization, the only thing we can do is to keep the peace of mind, and learn to reflect, to review progress in optimization method.

, learn to reflect is to deal with the search engine algorithm constantly adjust the demand for

the same keywords, absolutely impossible, you are the only one in the optimization, the more popular keywords are concerned more and more, the more difficult it is to be optimized. There is no absolute leading website optimization, so even if you are today the very front rank, should also be cautious, because there are more competitors and chase the object behind. If the temporary ranking is not very ideal, the more need to constantly try to figure out the optimization method of others, let oneself grow more from competitors, rather than their own laurels.

optimization has no concept of absolute stability, especially the new website and website optimization just up. So a serious analysis of the competitive optimization method of competitors, and then compared to sort out your own problems and experience, can quickly let themselves recognize themselves beyond their own. As the saying goes before baizhanbudai, website optimization is like this, especially the first page in front of a few position so a few, I in front of you is not closer to the top, try to figure out the competitors "

continuous adjustment in the search engine algorithms, as the website construction or site optimization, we should carefully try to figure out the search engine changes. The purpose of doing so is not to use the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, but to fully understand the algorithm emphasis and insight into the future direction of the search optimization. For example, in the WEB2.0 era, when the major search engines in the evaluation of the weights of the website will be integrated into voting and forwarding, replies and other ideas, we in the optimization of time should be taken into account. In fact, there are now many people began to pay attention to this, add a key forwarded to Sina, Tencent and other micro-blog JS procedures in the detail page.

adjust the search engine algorithm, one is to optimize their search technology, to meet the needs of visitors changing; on the other hand, in order to avoid the search engine spam, even if no one has a cheat (in fact is not possible, every day there are countless people in the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities through the black hat tactics to make their sites at the very front row), constantly adjust the algorithm itself is enough to make people over a period of time, thereby reducing the probability of cheating.

Two Shanghai Phoenix webmaster will use the tool

website that is now the main statistical tools, statistics tool is cnzz and love Shanghai statistics, I have used cnzz before, but I still feel love for Shanghai statistical tools webmaster data analysis to better use, here for statistical tools > only fall in love with the sea


our website more or less there will be some JS plug-ins, we all know that too much JS plug-in or high JS not only affects the site open speed and the search engine is quite friendly, so we CSS file is the same, we do not deal with the CSS file of the optimization, the site is a hazard we can, through the Google pagespeed

Google pagespeed

) website optimization

we do in the process of Shanghai dragon will be exposed to all kinds of tools, both good and bad, of course I here said the Shanghai dragon tool is not let you quickly on the ranking or the rapid increase of the chain and the cheating tool, but two is very good on the website of the tool, a you can increase your basic experience, while another can help you adjust the web site ranking is more stable, we are in the process of optimization, more to pay attention to some big, outside the chain, content source and so on, sometimes neglected many web based experience the details of things, in fact, these things for ranking is also have a very important role, I give the webmaster to introduce these two tools, you can put your own website details do better.

optimization website itself picture

two, love Shanghai statistical tool

pagespeed provides lossless compression of images, we directly click on the link you can download pictures, download after we directly uploaded to the space or server coverage.

2. JS and CSS

JS file compressionOf course,

JS compression and CSS combination of these may need professional personnel to complete the program.

)1. The diagnosis of

, a Google pagespeed


, he should give us a compressed JS file and CSS file should be merged. (Figure

pagespeed is a Google internal use of "performance evaluation of plug-in, he can move in the Firefox browser and Google browser. (operation interface as shown in figure

because our webmaster may not be professional web designer or no professional artists, we give website pictures, including round exhibition map, product map and so on, and didn’t do optimization, may directly affect the speed of opening our site, so that the user and the search engine is not friendly. Google pagespeed plugin can help us realize image lossless compression, and compression of images, is our website pictures do the optimization process (Figure)

We have to install the

When a web site analysis of Shanghai Longfeng effect should start from the details of what

search engine algorithm, a website optimization of food in the world era has ended, many times can you do only one of the 9 problems will be quite different to the optimization results, in.

With the continuous upgrading of the

third, Shanghai dragon is not complacent but let yourself open some thoughts.

we know that a good beginning is half of success, the start is critical in the website optimization before whether we need to conduct a detailed analysis of the technology in the optimization of new or old station before an analysis, domain name age, website content growth, website chain distribution, analysis of the basic factors. Find out the weak links of the optimization process, with the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization plan, the different stages of the optimization to achieve the goal with writing in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme, middle and later on according to this scheme to see if we reached before the execution of the request, to see the results of our implementation is received good effect, so the early implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work should have a clear plan or goal is to promote Shanghai The first premise of dragon effect.

second, Shanghai dragon will need more patience.

first, the early implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work should have a clear plan or goal.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a technology and stage, continued very strong work, as a webmaster, we should through the details of what effect analysis of different stages of site optimization? Only every stage of optimization to find new problems and continue to solve old problems in the process, to make targeted optimization work the expansion continues, in this process, I think we need to record every detail optimization. So keep a cool head in the optimization process, proud website ranking drop reflection for the weights of the website promotion. The author through the following details and detailed analysis, the analysis of a website of Shanghai Longfeng effect should start from the details of what we’re about to enter today’s short, theme.

method then a few points, why is the same outside the chain can write some people through these two points will be ranking sit up, some people are still hovering outside the door, but it is in fact, the key is not to recognize the characteristics of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon work I think is like a marathon is a a long process, in this process, in addition to the strategies and methods of consideration, more patience as well as the Shanghai dragon Er we must have the mentality, but many owners did not have a clear understanding of this point, encounter problems complaints, escape, lax, actually we are beaten by yourself, if you can go analysis of calm when the site encountered problems, to analyze their own reasons and not always complain about the love Shanghai, many colleagues and friends, in a In order to find out the true peace of mind in their own problems, to improve the execution efficiency of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon

The real case about how to restore the site was K

later, the website operation for more than four months, the site began to appear some abnormal phenomena, is included in site site every day there is little change, sometimes will reduce a few domain>

do have two years of time, it had also had a climax period of low tide, high tide will not say, because he is not the theme of today! Low tide, not only I encountered, most of the webmaster have encountered similar problems, it is pulled into the blacklist website is inexplicable the so-called love Shanghai K station, this means that before all of the rankings, weights have disappeared Not the least trace was found. this is the one thing that most worried for the webmaster, before the efforts were in vain. So some owners from the Shanghai dragon ranks, of course challenge webmaster to summarize the K station, as a warning for the future, which is the so-called stage a comeback, from the fall on where to climb up, say so much nonsense, today’s topic is how the site is k

will be restored?I received a life service website of Xi’an cleaning network

a year ago, the site at the beginning of the operation? It is to update the information, rarely do the chain. The site of the big boss, utterly ignorant of some website, only money, but also to the website pointing, things changed once every two or three days, do not know who to listen to that website title as long as possible, I want to curse, but after all, money is not me, so in accordance with the wishes of customers changed. Xi’an Xi’an | cleaning cleaning company | Xi’an carpet cleaning | Xi’an wall cleaning | Xi’an * * * * in Xi’an cleaning cleaning network. This is the website title description, I know but I can not reasonable, our company is using the network server, I was depressed, one or two weeks before the site will not open, the leadership did not say what, I could not say what, anyway, and lose the first battle. Should the requirements of leadership, time! Website updates need to add some specific in the chain, this is done, such as a piece of information, beginning according to Xi’an (www. Xi’an贵族宝贝 net cleaning cleaning) the…… or the end of the above information by the Xi’an nets (www. Xi’an cleaning cleaning贵族宝贝), reproduced indicate the source and so on. This is indeed achieved some results, the domain website, many are as effective the chain included, but this is a foreshadowing of doom.

then, completely under my command, 3 daily updated information, all of the original article is false, in the end is the beginning included poor results, in order to increase the number of the chain website, send over the chain chain platform database will be built before the more anxious customers because of reminder, so outside the chain number 10 every day, this is the ideal data, several specific day by day is a mood, a situation is always. This is a peer observation that the hair of the chain, multiple domain stack in a chain of contents, feel relatively fresh, personally tried it, and these sites are included in this chain, then there are so many hair.

The Shanghai dragon optimization basic skills

Shanghai dragon is simple to search engine optimization.

The content and function of the

is a web development, first analyze the content and function of the website. According to the content and function of the site, determine the core keywords website, according to the core keyword expansion. Keywords don’t too widely, this competition is too big not easy to do, of course, also do not choose not the keyword index, even if you do go up, no one search. We can use the location, select some long tail keywords, such as the keyword "admissions network, we can according to the geographical location and site keywords to do. Add "Ningbo" into "the word Ningbo admissions network, this is easy to do, do it with effect.

!The influence factors of the !The core of The

A. keyword

Title: concise, highly summarized, including keywords, should not be too long.


a. website. The development of a web site is like a tree, while the Shanghai dragon website optimization like a tree planting. A tree is not difficult, but to the tree planting, let it grow up is not easy, need to spend enormous time and energy. The tree determines can grow up healthy, so the content and function of a website is also determines the site can be developed.

3. Shanghai dragon has 3 points: the content of the website, domain name, host and function.

B. keyword density:

4. Shanghai Dragon: the keyword

as a result of the need, I summed up the simple analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of basic skills, here to share with you.

2. Shanghai dragon effect: after Shanghai Longfeng optimized website more easily indexed by search engines, are more likely to improve the site keywords in the search engine rankings, so as to improve the site traffic and ranking

B. website domain name and host. The website is like a person, but the name is like a person’s name. So the domain name must first brief note that best conforms to the website content, website keyword with the domain name, it is more easy to search engine recognition. The application domain, we must first check the domain name have been registered, have not been K. If you are registered, the domain name is k, this is not enough. The site compared to a person’s words, the host is like a person’s home. So the most important thing is to host the fast, stable and safe. Fast: is to open the website quickly! If your site is open very slowly, customers are gone! As guest come to your home, if you open the door for a long time are not open, people are expected to run away? Stability is to keep the site 24 hours of stable operation. There is safe. Similarly, if your home is not safe, often there are hackers to go that you this website also will soon be

1. Shanghai dragon

We teach you the successful exchange of high weight website Links (below)

today is the weekend, the underground rain. Sanming Shanghai dragon continue to talk about how to improve the exchange Links with high success rate and the weight of the site, the first six recruit success you exchange high weight website Links (on) the self-help chain method, mail application method and the forum of the three methods to advance today and continue to introduce the personal contacts by the public the message and site launch method, we hope to help.

(6) site launch method. This method is the most efficient. First, this method is not everyone can use, limited to the technical personnel engaged in network construction company or company. Many gov sites are outsourced to the company responsible for the construction of network construction, including the maintenance and management of the late. For them, the best placed in their own, responsible for the construction of the website for Links again easy, but are one-way, not only into the cool. If you are not in the industry, then you’ll have to use the personal contacts method on that, as far as possible to establish contact with the network construction company of friends, for their help and support.

(5) contacts borrows the method. This is the best way to. The site is generally a few friends stand or engaged in technical services to friends, especially the local website, easily with GOV or edu site administrators, technicians on business and work on the relationship between friends. There is a friendship, add a Links should not be easy. You also don’t have such friends now, think of the six space theory, it is said that as long as the six person, you can know anybody in the world. So, the job to spend a little, expand your contacts, friends of the way to go.

well, I think to share with you. If you feel good, but also please dingyiding this article. Of course, also welcome webmaster and material night think secretarial nets exchange Links. Master QQ:181349347.

(4) public message method. This method is the most awesome. The need for public affairs, the vast majority of gov websites are set to the message board. If the email is not a reply, reply on the website message probability is very high. A netizen with Mars your reply after exposure, attracting a large number of onlookers, directly to the site to get paralysis. Of course, message and email have the same earnest words, this exchange links perfectly logical and reasonable requirements, do not add extra burden to the webmaster ah): in addition, some of the messages without audit can be displayed, if not add a chain to the site? Once again put up, this method should be used with caution you.

These key problems in the website have you noticed

in general, I do not recommend you to modify the site title, because it is related to the website weight and keywords ranking, but sometimes has to be or must be modified, so at this time I suggest you as much as possible small changes, otherwise causing the site to drop right is certain. At the same time, at this time the need to strengthen the foundation of the chain and the chain of the auxiliary, the only way to better the website even drop right also can quickly restore.

for some sites, often face substantial revision, involving some website column path adjustment in the path before this time we need to close the record website, and don’t take the path before directly deleted, can be made into a 301 redirect way weight transmission, and for the new path you love Shanghai is also the assessment period, so when we do within the chain as much as possible into the spider, so as to promote the early review.

(three) to the site as a whole structure.

on the web "

(a) to ensure normal access website revision.

(four) site title is very important.

(five) after the website promotion work.

for the development of a website, the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, many websites will better cater to the user, so as to add some more conducive to the user experience and plug-in, requires a lot of time on our website in late stage development, so the website will be relatively inevitable. But as our personal webmaster, whether from the technology, web finishing operations are so weak. Especially some AdSense for the revised website right down to, and then regret, these are very common, so how to do a website is down right? Today I share with you some of my website in some of the experience.

(two) revised by the local test way.

do when standing before I found many webmaster directly on the web server with website revision, debugging greatly, completely ignore your website is still at the spider crawling, causing spider or is not trusted, causing the site to drop the weight of the new audit. So here, I recommend the best is in the revision of the local test, after debugging completely plugin template and accurately completed, in direct upload to the server, it can not only guarantee in the revision of the site during the normal status, at the same time we also reached the purpose of the revision.

in the process of our revision of its website, do not close the site, lead to the spider can’t grab crawling. In order to reduce the website included, and right down. So we in the process of the website must guarantee that the website can be a normal visit, and ensure the normal update content, the chain extension of these aspects.

The high quality of the chain for I have three merit

through this search for resources, is the chain resources unique, since people can go to our website to get the article, we can also send their own. I will tidy up these resources, will be able to send the article to find out where, and then start the optimization of my hair only palletizer. The chain is not to win, but to win, so the low quality of the chain should be willing to give up.

to do the construction of the chain only stacker sites there are half a year in the first half of this year, did not do other things, looking for light chain, so the high quality of the chain I accumulated a lot of experience. Here today and Shanghai dragon friends share some of my search for the chain of merit.

1, through the search to find the source of this article, the meaning is to write their own articles or other articles in Shanghai love search, record the propagation path. Optimization for the best stacking machine website to get me to write the article, I contribute in some weight high website, a large number of articles will be spread out, when people copy of my article, I can think about whether I can release on these platforms. Many webmaster color collection articles will link people to delete or change their own links, the quality of the chain resources through this finding method is very high, they released the chain in these places, at least to ensure that our links will not be deleted.

just entered the Shanghai dragon in this line of people generally start from the construction of the chain, because the technical level the construction of the chain involves fewer things. I just do not work to optimize stacker website, also from the beginning of the construction of the chain, because no experience from outside the chain slowly understand Shanghai dragon is a good entrance. Do website optimization of foreign chain construction is a soft spot, there is a saying: content is king, the chain for the emperor. So how to find the chain resources? Especially the high quality the chain is hard to find.

actually before the love of Shanghai did not delay the chain Scindapsus algorithm, is still doing well, it requires only the chain resources can be used on the line, the high quality is not high, it is not indifferent. But since the algorithm after the launch, the low quality of the chain with nothing, is a love of the Shanghai of the chain of garbage strike, two is a lot of garbage outside the chain is easy to fall in love with the sea developed K station. Under such circumstances, the high quality the chain is very important. I do for the main chain only stacker site has the following points:

2, the use of search engines to find the chain, we all know the website optimization using powerful search engine. So I do not optimize the stacker website on the good use of the function of search engine, looking for high quality chain. In fact, we in the search engine search "stack chain resources" Fuji machine 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/

The new construction of the chain to increase sharply

site optimization and construction plan, should not be less complete scheme of the construction of the chain. The new on-line operations owners eager to increase the chain to the site, no matter it is right or wrong, but he is convinced of the chain effect. The search engine algorithm indeed account for a majority of Chinese and foreign chain. The chain construction scheme of the bloggers have specific methods of the chain, today is to share point method.

third: the chain chain exchange platform. A chain exchange platform for many, here is not to give you an example, you can go to Shanghai in search of love. Submit your web site on this website, the first truly free, only need to register an account, submit web information, specify their purpose, exchange or buy, or buy links. There are a lot of light to stand outside the chain, exchange links in such a platform, just submit the information, but not the exchange, not stay in contact, so it will not be disturbed, but this method is not good, do not suggest that you go to. Honesty is very important, it should be left to find, maybe you can find you want links.

second: navigation site outside the chain. The weight of the site navigation do not say you know, if I can be like the hao123 navigation site, not the stability of the chain, to bring your daily traffic is a lot. But now do site navigation is difficult, a lot of navigation station you need to give him a link on the home page, which is the premise of your site included. But the webmaster should think of such an approach is not what benefits for themselves, but for the chain can still try. There are some small is not single, but the weight is not very high, the webmaster to assess their submission.

fourth: Webmaster Tools query platform. The development of the Internet industry is driven by many of the webmaster tools platform is also frequently on the line, this is good for the webmaster, also it is a good place to stay outside the chain. You can use Adsense tools (dev.zzbaike贵族宝贝). Use the webmaster tools query site survey, weight high website will be included, and the site next to search in that web site, which is very helpful for the site to bring flow. But this is not a platform for query query can be included, some weight high is this.

: the first classification information chain. The classification of information website is now a lot of people network, Ganji, 58 city network. The weight of these sites is very high, the chain can be said to be the second effect. But not only do the chain of the heavy chain do not do, station links, information will not be deleted relevant. So some small classified information website is to do other. The chain construction planning the classified information website should be reasonable in your project. Perhaps your website and classification information is not relevant, then you have to think of ways to put their information into account, if not information, the most simple way is to use the information outside the chain of their recruitment.

The webmaster how to do the seven effective method of the chain

many webmaster is to see the number and quality, all know the role of quality than quantity, but often see other owners said their chain number, may play a competition to the pursuit of quantity to psychology. For the quantity, many of the old owners mentioned, a quality of the chain can be arrived twenty common link. So, don’t look at the number of owners should be, even if the chain is small, if the quality is quite high, so ranking is not bad. And the number is not making high ranking.

special love group software.

It is a day to complete the

5 and attention and website

sometimes, we do not use those sensitive words, but after two word up may be some sensitive words, the search engine is the machine, not artificial, not yet intelligent so strong, or be careful.

Many webmaster

to the site outside the chain is one of the must do every day work. Outside chain for the site of the role I do not say that everyone is aware of the. Of course, the chain help will naturally have the taboo, after all, everything has pros and cons. So, to make a note that outside the chain, the author summed up today:

3, the quality of priority Don’t crush mass software


the increase of the chain is the pursuit of stable and sustainable, but not today tomorrow to increase 30, 100, 300 on the day after tomorrow, so increase the speed of the website ranking weight without any benefits, but could only be brought to the site right down or drop, many stations have encountered outside the chain increase is too big to enter 11 or the keywords ranking unstable situation. So, for the chain should maintain a steady increase, after all the chain is in need of long-term accumulation.

1, can not be too

whether the content or the chain, the correlation is very important, and the search engine for the chain has a strong correlation with web site, ranking the weights given are especially good. So, in the chain to the site, you should look at whether the release platform and related websites, such as shopping mall and the mall to find natural distribution platform to do outside the chain, the website of the find webmaster forum to do outside the chain. This correlation is very good, but also helps to enhance the site’s various factors.

4, not volume increased

to the site of the chain is not, for the increase of the chain should maintain a steady rise in the state, especially new sites, if a line is linked into a large number of sites, naturally into the search engine evaluation period is very easy. And know the chain increase too fast, then let the station to enter the examination period, let the old station into 11. So, for the chain should be increased, the so-called eat porridge.

The correlation between 2, pay attention to sensitive words